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A small team of hardware hackers from team bi0s.We are team of security enthusiasts looking into hardware side of security.Team bi0s is largely a CTF team actively taking part in the international CTFs round the year, besides carrying out research on security issues in the real world. Fuelled by the urge for community service,bi0s has been organizing workshops and educating the masses about the need for cyber security.bi0s specializes in a wide range of cybersecurity branches.These branches are explored passionately to tackle the modern challenges today’s digitized world presents.

  • Web Security : Web application security is the process of protecting websites and online services against different security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in an application’s code.
  • Cryptography : The art of deciphering highly secrure and encrypted messages by often cracking complex algorithms exploiting implementation flaws.
  • Hardware : The real world hacks on physical devices, and hinding the exploits behind the soldering iron.
  • Forensics : Unravelling the mysteries of the footprints left behind by the attacks.
  • Reversing : That insane job of hacking the atoms inside the binaries, all just to uncover and crack the softwares.

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Team bi0s



Our parent team bi0s is National 1st and Internationally 4th Ranked CTF team, establised in 2008 and still the best.


New Beginnings

team bi0s hardware security team

As instructed by our mentor and founder Vipin Pavithran Sir the new team was formed to do research on hardware security and to equip students with critical hardware security skills.


Nullc0n HWCTF


Nullc0n Hardware CTF 17 & 18 was conducted by Quarkslab which had challenges from different areas like RFID,Automotive security,Micro-soldering challenge and Side-Channel based exploits.



Finalist ESC 2018

CSAW is the largest student-run cyber security event in the world, featuring international competitions, workshops, and industry events.


Automotive Security Internship


Our automotive security researcher was selecteed to be an an intern at AMYNASEC an established firm with expertise in pentesting automotive,ics and internet connected devices.


Industrial Control Systems Internship

Schneider Electric India

A team of two researchers from our team were selected for an internship at Global Security Lab, Schneider Electric and performed ICS security exploits.


IoT Smart Home Demo

Cisco SecCon APJ 2019

A team of four researchers from our team were selected for an demo at Security Village at Cisco SecCon APJ 2019 to demonstrate exploits and vulnerabilities existing in smart devices.



Our research interests are spread across a wide variety of harware security fields but not limited to the following:



Our team members do research on all the major fields in Hardware Security.

Internet of Things

Device security

Consumer Products

Device Security

Embedded Systems

Design Vulnerabilities

Reverse Engineering

Firmware Analysis

Automotive Security

CAN exploits
0 Exploitable IoT Devices [shodan]
0 Exploitable Industrial Control Systems [shodan]
0 Exploitable Webcams [shodan]
0 Exploitable Smart Buildings [shodan]

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Room No. 128, Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems & Networks, Amritapuri, Kollam,Kerala, India.

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